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Customer Testimonials

Getting too old to climb up on the roof, so we hired DMZ based on reviews we found online.  Our covered gutter system was heavily stained from oak tree pollen and needed cleaning, and the roof had not been checked in years.  Dave inspected the roof and provided pictures of the ridge vent, vent pipe gaskets, and chimney flashing that required repair.  When the first attempt to clean the gutters was unsuccessful, Dave had workers return until he was satisfied that the job was done correctly.  It is important how a business reacts when things don’t go as planned, and DMZ exceeded our expectations in terms of time and effort to make things right.  Also, the quality of the vent pipe gaskets DMZ used was significantly better than those installed with the previous re-roofing.  We were very pleased with the value DMZ provided, and have asked Dave to replace the roof on our screened-in porch.  We will review that project separately.

Laura RHerndon, VA